Posted by: cousinsrj | July 29, 2010


Sudip takes in Davos

Quiet, playful, and really really strong.  Really strong.  In three months Sudip has been transformed from the porter regularly lugging 90kg up to Everest Base Camp, to international mountain runner.  He got into running to earn some money, but often he’d have to borrow the money to enter, then his winning was spent on paying the money back!

He’s humble and grateful about being here in Davos.  I get the feeling he understands how fortunate he is, and that doesn’t want to let anyone down. 

I asked him how he feel about being here and it’s an easy answer for him – ‘it’s a lifetime opportunity.  My friends and family have told me to do my best, in honour and gratitude for the people who have made this possible.  I hope to win, and I will do my best’.  That’s not the usual answer I get from runners about to embark on a massive ultra……

Sudip makes stability look easy

He doesn’t miss his life in the village and portering.  It’s as though with us he has come out of his shell and loved the chance to work at something he loves.  He’s lapping up all the knowledge and training tips, and and really is using his brain here in Davos.  Not keen to horse around the course as fast as possible, he’s been asking about the other runners, their records, how they run……

Sudip’s record this year is pretty good too – 1st in the Everest Ultra, 2nd in the Everest Marathon.  All form a previously unknown village hand who had never had any training.

Let’s see what this talented and dedicated young man can do in Davos.


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