The Middlemen

I’m Rob Cousins.  I’m an ordinary guy who’s done a few adventurous and sporting things.  [Rubbish – you’re a nutter – Jon].  I’m not an elite athlete by any means but I hopes my achievements show quite what regular people can achieve, with the right approach and attitude.

I have been training people for long distance and endurance events for many years now, and love the atmosphere at the longer races – people are there to take aprt and enjoy themselves, there’s no ego involved, just the pleasure of seeing people pushing their own limits and doing their best.

I’ve now moved to Nepal to see what their athletes can do.  The Nepali runners are a really interesting bunch. They don’t have the training skills we have in Europe, nor do they have the help of nutritionists, physios, massage and so on. In fact, they all still have to work to eat and put a roof over their heads…. yet they still manage to run incredible times over incredible terrain.
With proper training and support, what can these guys achieve?

You can find out a bit more about me here, or in the lovely interview here.

We should also introduce Ramesh Bhattachan as the other middleman.  Ramesh lives in Pokhara and has a long history of developing Nepali sport.  He’s also the main man behind such crazy feats as the Annapurna 100 and the Everest Ultra.

Why does he organise these?  Ramesh replies ‘because I love adventure’.  And, of course, he loves organising…. 18 years in the British Gurkhas, visiting 42 countries, a qualified FA referee, running the Nepali Mountain Running Service….

… and now proving himself ever so helpful in organising 2 Nepalis to visit Switzerland to run a big race.

Introducing Ramesh Bhattachan!



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