Posted by: cousinsrj | July 28, 2010

And here is Mr Tim van der Veer

Tim is Mr Connected and an all round top banana.  Whilst he lives in the Netherlands, he is regularly on the phone connecting Mexico with Hong Kong, and other far flung places.  And he’s been connecting Nepal and me to Europe for this project.

An accomplished and fast marathon runner, Runners World columnist, this will be his first ultra.  And his attitude is super – he wants to do well, but he knows it is more important to finish,  And he can laugh his way through the worst of experiences.  He once said he was drinking beer ‘to kill the brain cells that might remember that terrible run’. 

This project also sets the scene for his book about why we run.  It’s quite refreshing to hear about a non-technical book, instead looking at the stories people have.  And he tells these stories well.

Tim won’t be anywhere near Bed or Sudip at Davos.  But that doesn’t matter.  He’s really brought this event to life, and will finish well.  He is also the tallest person I have ever met – when standing next to him Bed and Sudip are about knee height.

Here’s to Tim, the tallest man ever.


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