What is Project Davos?

Project Davos aims to bring together European and Nepali running traditions, to learn what’s really necessary for good running.  So far, two Europeans – Tim Van Der Veer from Holland, and Jon Alexander from the UK – are signed up to race the 78km Davos Ultramarathon.  Neither of them have done an ultramarathon before, though both are keen students of endurance sport, and looking forward to exploring whether you really need all that high tech kit to be high performance athletes.  We suspect the Nepalis might teach them a thing or two in the mountains!

It’s also the founding project for a new charity, called Daudini.  In Nepali, Daudini means ‘running’, but is also a which means ‘running’ in Nepali, but is also a word that means moving, competitiveness, and speed… 

The aim of Daudini will be to use long distance running to contribute to the profile and environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable development of Nepal, while respecting and sharing the best of the Nepali way of life and running.



  1. Hi,
    Just read bove infromation reagrding the nobel and “a kind of unique” project.

    Hereby, just a small correction, probavly it would be better to spell “Daudane” [In ned. Daudanee], in stead of above written]

    Nice to tlak with Tim Van Der Veer for the first time. Looking forward to meet him, soon.
    Thank you.
    Jogging lover,
    RP Shrestha (Nepal)
    Currently: In the Netherlands.

  2. Here is a link to the race http://www.swissalpine.ch/cms/index.php?aid=1008 and it is on 31st July.

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