Posted by: cousinsrj | July 29, 2010

…and here is Bed

Bed looks for dal baht on the side of an Alp

What can we say about Bed.  Quieter than Sudip, but once he’s comfortable around you he’s a barrel of laughs.  Joking, teasing, posing… it’s really hard to keep a straight face when taking his picture.

He’s a dedicated runner too – if he knows the person in front is close he speeds up, gets faster, then faster until he catches him, and then goes faster to get a good lead in front of them. He is quite possibly the most competitive person I know, though you’d never know it until he races.

At 14 years old he had to leave school and his village to escape the Maoists in Nepal.  A hard start for a young man, and he really does have limited options in Nepal.  These three months of training have really opened him up as a person.  He’s happier, more comfortable, more confident, more outgoing.  And he’s been so very grateful for the opportunity – ‘I feel this is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I will work hard to prove my gratitude and my worth’.

He’s also a dab hand at a chick pea curry, and makes a mean cup of masala tea.

Good luck on Saturday Bed, you’ve worked hard for this and deserve to do well.

Bed is a bloomin' good runner too





  1. Hello Bed, Please can you email me as soon as you and sudip cross the line with the result?
    best of luck!

  2. I will ask him to, but he’ll be too busy chatting up the Swiss ladies. He likes them.

  3. Blimey, it’s really happening… gutted I’m not out there with you fellas, maybe next time. Tim, massive good luck, will be thinking of you. And Rob, give Bed and Sudip my best – they’re gonna tear it up. Wow. Excitement. Wow.

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