The West

I’m Tim van der Veer.  After a Cooper Test at age 10, I continued running.  I had won but was convinced that the race hadn’t even started.  Twelve marathons, many races and endless training sessions later, I have not come to a stop.  Running doesn’t seem to be a hobby to me but a necessity of life.

Now 41, I work as Brand Manager for Oxfam International. I am also a columnist and freelancer for the Dutch Runner’s World.  You can read my column here.  I live in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with my wife and two sons.

I’m participating in Project Davos out of curiosity to the limits of my endurance. The extreme differences in culture, distance and height (if Nepal is the roof of the world, then Holland is the basement), also seem an ideal starting point for a quest for people’s motives to run. Inspired by Project Davos, I intend to write a book about the essence of running that will published in 2011/2012 by the Dutch publishing house, De Arbeiderspers.

I’m Michael Broadley. I suppose you could say I’m the late comer to the party signing up with just two months to go.  I hail from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK but I’m currently based in Geneva, Switzerland – which boasts a vibrant sporting community, especially in long-distance running.  Needless to say the scenery and terrain both lend themselves to jumping outdoors and getting a sweat on.  I work in the Office of Student Affairs at the International University of Geneva which along with running, keeps me out of mischief.

During my teenage years I ran competitively in cross-country and fell races around the UK until footy took over during University.  I decided to come back to long-distance running, and most importantly get back into shape, during late 2005 after doing little or no exercise for the two years previous.  In a rush of blood to the head I went the whole hog and signed up for my first marathon which I ran in May, 2006.  I haven’t looked back since running six marathons to date in Europe (3) and North America (3) as well as loads of other races of varying distances and landscapes.  Fingers crossed I won’t be stopping anytime soon.  I view my running as a healthy addiction and I like push my own boundaries to see what my body can do.   As much as I enjoy road running, going off it is where I get my real kicks from due to its diversity, the element of the unexpected and being in touch with nature.  I reckon a 42k Swiss Alpine run with Project Davos ticks all the boxes of what I love about running.  See you up the mountain!



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