Posted by: cousinsrj | July 30, 2010

9 hours to go

The race begins at 0800 Swiss time on Saturday.

We’ve got our race numbers, been welcomed by the race organizers, met many many friendly Swiss people who will be cheering for Bed and Sudip, I wouldn’t call it carbo-loading but our runners have eaten stacks of food,

There’s a very burly Scandinavian runner here, who is rather fast.  He’s won this event for the last three years.  But our runners are not too worried.  Sudip says ‘I will do the best I can, I know that once the tarmac part is finished and we get into the hills I will be strong’.

Fingers crossed for our boys in Davos!

The race campaign begins



  1. I remember when I did the marathon des alpages a few years ago, just around the corner so to speak. Race start was 6.30am. A hiking friend came to stay in the small apartment I was staying in. Well he snored all night. I was burning up from all of the pink energy drink I’d slugged down and was anyway sleeping badly. I pushed the earplugs in harder and slept through the alarm. 6.10am wake up! 20 minutes to go. In Switzerland there is always hot water, so I did my warm up in a damn hot bath – was surprisingly effective!

    Anyway – hope everyone sleeps well and very best of fun tomorrow! Shout yourself hoarse Rob!

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