Posted by: cousinsrj | July 27, 2010

Introducing Ramesh Bhattachan

The athletes always get the focus.  They’re ones we see, the ones we watch, whose progress we follow.  But I thought it right to introduce Ramesh again.  He’s had many jobs on this project – our team manager, chief logisitics negotiator, and now in Davos he is head chef. 

Without him, this would never have happened.  He’s been developing Nepali sport for years away from all the corrupt officials, and this was a super opportunity for him too. 

He didn’t so much step in to the role, ‘Ramesh Action’ exploded onto the scene with ideas and helped navigate the curious world of Nepali politics and family ties.  Why has he been so helpful?

This is a fantastic project for Nepali runners.  I’ve had the vision that one day a Nepali could take part in a race like this, and we would be so happy, because they have the potential and ability to do well’.

And they really do have the talent.  Ramesh has furiously been calculating Bed and Sudip’s speeds, comparing them to Europeans, and always they are pretty much on a par.  Whilst they have been living in Ramesh’s training hostel, he’s seen their attitude and approach to the world – ‘They are hardworking and disciplined.  And great fun to be around’.

Ramesh has added real drive, motivated our runners, and never given up even in those times of despair.  He’s passionate about this opportunity.

Never ever in the history of mountain sports in Nepal have anyone taken part in a race like this.  So this is the diamond opportunity.   I’m so proud to provide them with the necessary logistics in Nepal and escort them to Davos’. 

What a guy, what a help and what an inspiration.



  1. Yes – Ramesh ‘Action’ is the driving force behind so many trail running events in Nepal – the Annapurna 100, the Everest Ultra to name two. Endless energy and a lot of personal sacrifice goes into making these events. Same with his Action training centre where athletes can stay cheaply and train (often training for the impossibly tough Gurkha army selection events).

    Bravo Ramesh!

  2. Yes, Ramesh Action… and here in Switzerland I just bought him, in the Supermarket, ‘Action Sausages’. He shed a tear.

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