Posted by: cousinsrj | July 26, 2010

Those memorable firsts….

Three Nepalis and a hydraulic lorry thing

The ‘first times’ in this project began months back with my first time in Nepal, and first time embarking on a project that was as ‘out there’ as this one.

For Bed and Sudip, their big ‘first time’ was being able to focus on their training, their first time in Pokhara, …..  Now we’re really into the firsts – first international flight, first time out of Nepal, first time in a developed country, first time without dal baht!  

But overwhelmingly, now we have arrived in Zurich, the most amazing first has been a hydraulic crane on the back of a lorry.  Wow – I’ve never seen these boys gawp in amazement quite so much.  They’d never seen anything like it.  It’s just simply magic!  We must have watched the thing for a good 20 minutes.  And then Sudip got on his first ever train and he practically wet himself in excitement and I had to hold him back from leaping out of the window…..

 But what else is overwhelming is the support and encouragement we’re all receiving.  This project, as simple as taking two runners to a race, seems to have a profound impact on the people who hear about it.  It’s wonderful to hear the inspiration people are taking from Bed and Sudip, and it’s truly motivating for them too.  When we talk about some of the e-mails I receive they smile with excitement and delight at the idea of their lives making even just a small difference to someone else’s.  It humbles them.

I asked Bed and Sudip what their family told them as they left on this great adventure.  They both said the same thing – ‘be respectful, and try your absolute best in gratitude for the kind people who have given you this opportunity’.  That is the reverence they hold for their sponsors and supporters.

And that dedication is what astounds me about these two young men.  After a long haul flight (their first) they are brimming with excitement, and don’t want to wait until Saturday to race!  That’s definitely not how I felt as I stumbled off the plane all bleary eyed…..

And it’s also why Bed and Sudip deserve this opportunity, have worked hard for it without any complaint, and why we’re raising money to keep this life alive for them.

Over the next 4 days in the run up to the big race, we will be showing profiles of the members of this project, their hopes, their aims, their motivations.  And please do get in touch, or leave a comment, to take part in this unique event.



  1. Its amazing! From the Swizzerland of Asia, to the Nepal of Europe! Not quite but I couldn’t imagine more contrast economically speaking.

    Bonne voyage et good luck!

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