Posted by: cousinsrj | July 22, 2010

Before Davos After Davos

The race is now just over a week away, and the ‘alternative Nepali taper’ is now slowing to a ‘flexibility and light exercise’ phase.  Good ol’ Ramesh does seem to understand the value of rest after all…..

Evening at Ghorepani, near Poon Hill. Villagers fill in the time at dusk

And now also the wider project begins.  This is an astounding opportunity for Bed and Sudip, and an exciting one for Tim, Michael and me to learn from.

Davos is one race, and whatever happens here we’ve all learnt a lot and had a great time.  But beyond this, we’d like to provide something for the future, an alternative to the hard lives that these guys lead in Nepal.

They’ve proven their worth as mountain runners in the tough hills of Nepal.  They have demonstrated to me that they can train hard, learn and stay focused on a goal.  In fact, they have taken to this new life with gusto and enthusiasm.  I wish some of my other athletes had such mettle! 

But what next after Davos?  With only three months or preparation, they should do well at Davos.  But with a year of dedicated and focused training behind them, I wonder what their horizons will be.

 Wouldn’t it be great if Davos raised enough profile and money, to sustain Bed and Sudip for a year, and get them to more international standard races. 

Davos is getting exciting, but will be over in 9 days.  It would be wonderful to make this dream last longer for Bed and Sudip. 

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  1. Indeed! So how much would it cost, which is the chariddy organisation and where is the donate button?

  2. Bed could probably get sponsored by Hästens….

  3. So many buttons so many links!!!!!!! I suppose I should drop Hastens a line. He could model for them.

  4. Marvellous!

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