Posted by: Michael Broadley | July 18, 2010

Winding down…

Bring on the taper.  Today I went up to the Saleve in France for the last time before Davos and managed not to wimp out this week to complete a steady 28k in 2h50 thanks to a nice cross breeze and a 24c temp.  I like Bed, Sudip and Tim practiced the art of eating en route.  I took two five minute breaks to take on some banana and hydrate whilst taking the opportunity to stretch out tiring muscles.  It really helped in terms of ticking along without taking any unscheduled breaks – if that makes any sense.  The only downside to this morning’s effort was being chased by a wild French farm dog that spotted me from around 300m away.  I like Fartlek work but on my long Sunday slogs I don’t like having to sprint a la Usain Bolt.  It’s a risk you take as a runner in the French countryside though. It’s about the fifth time at least and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I’ve learnt that shouting and waving a branch is an effective strategy with a pinch of luck as this time I managed to get to a metal gate and electrifed fence just in time.  I found it quite ironic after we’ve been chatting about animal running stories just last week.  So after turning the air blue with muchos profanities I was able to rise a wry smile and continue on my merry way.

Below is a snap at around 18k with the alps and the lake in Annecy in the background.  Unfortunately the camera in my iPhone doesn’t really do the view justice.

La Saleve, France

The next two weeks will consist of Swiss ball core work, very little running and swimming; the latter being a welcome break from running in the heat.  I hope it’s not too warm in Davos come the end of the month.  Englishmen generally don’t do well in the heat (or the South African winter if you’re an England football player!).

Geneva and Lac Genève in the distance



  1. Good run, Michael! 28K in 2.50 is perfect for the K42! You’ll be fine in Davos. If you can beat a French farmdog, you’ll run the hell out of the alps. BTW, I have used your llama story in my new column. I’ll send you the link when it’s on the RW site…

    • I just happened to get to the fence first – I did have a 300m advantage! Glad the Llama story made the cut for the RW piece.

  2. So should I put a pack of wild dogs in my bag for Davos, to help you guys keep going?
    Kathmandu is full of those….

  3. I’m sick of dogs, Rob. Maybe tigers would be a bit more unique, non? They will be a tad more taxing on the old luggage limit though….

  4. My youngest son Dario shouts louder than dogs and tigers. He’s my secret weapon, guiding us through the last tough kms. Actually, now I think of it, he might cause a avalanche… 😉

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