Posted by: cousinsrj | July 18, 2010


Tim and I have been talking about tapering.  He’s the world’s best taperer – when you’re training actually means doing very little – brilliant!

But Ramesh ahs been teaching me about the Nepali ways….. ‘not like western training’ he told me months ago.  After a few quizzical looks and mutterings, I see his point.

‘Nepali bodies cannot be idle’  he tells me.  Idle?  Is that his idea of rest and recouperation?  But I se ehis point.  They’re so used ot finishing work, and then making dinnr, doing the washing (by hand in the tub), boiling water to wash, feeding the animals…. they just can’t be still.

So we sent them out for a final big run.  Tim just did his 4 hour ‘bad rehearsa, good performance’.  Bed and Sudip just did the Annapurna 78km race, with an extra couple of kilometers thrown in. 

Sudip – ‘I loved it, particularly the bit up at the top’. 

Bed – ‘made me remember the race earlier this year’. 

Both happy, both positive, and just like Tim, both learnt a lot about eating, drinking and pacing for a long race.  And they had a field day out there.  Once again, I’ve put my coaching books up on the shelf, and really enjoyed seeing what these boys can do.



  1. 78K training run on the Annapurna: I think we shouldn’t include this in the definition of “normal”. Sounds to me that Bed and Sudip are in perfect shape. I hope that they will relax their muscles a bit before the race.
    I was wondering though how much more active Bed & Sudip really are during a normal day, compared to a 41 year old European father of two mad boys. Most of my endurance and recovery powers, I have earned from getting up at 6.30, biking my kids to school, carrying my 3 year old when he has a fake nervous break down, tidying up the insane chaos we call “our house”, doing the washing, chasing my boys over the beach (this weekend), biking to the store to buy 500 kilos of dypers and other stuff… O, I forgot, I also have a job.
    Need I go on? Sure, I am no 90 kilo up the bloody Everest porter. But boy of boy, do I burn calories here.

  2. But Tim, you are pretty exceptional too…..

    • Nah, not really… But as a young father yourself, you have to admit: it’s the longest Ultra you have ever been in.

  3. Totally agree. Even my darkest hours on the coldest of hills, still easy than babysitting!

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