Posted by: cousinsrj | July 13, 2010

Running Monsters

Tim just asked me about the strangest animal I’ve ever been attacked by on a run….

A monster.

Hard question, as in this most hazardous sport I’ve had quite a few altercations. Although not one of these has happened in Nepal. Despite the snakes, bugs, leeches and buffalo in the streets… I’ve not even come close to being mown down on these suicidal roads.

Sudip’s had a close encounter with a yak. Luckily, despite their size and mass, they’re pretty easy to sidestep. You really don’t want to go under one of those.



  1. Llama. Not dangerous but a beast I didn’t know too much about upon meeting on a narrow country lane one Sunday morning. I ended up having to give the bugger a wide birth via a field full of slippery pig shit (avec pigs). The llama stood its ground while the wimpy runner backed down after a minute long Mexican Standoff. Runner, thou shalt not pass……

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