Posted by: Michael Broadley | July 12, 2010

Taking it all in……

I’m very happy to read that Bed and Sudip are excited about coming over to la Suisse and that the training is going so well. It’s great that they have such a positive outlook and are going to give it everything on race day.  I’m very confident they’ll do very well – come rain or shine it’s going to be a defining day for both of them. Rob’s main task upon landing will be to help the boys adjust to their new surroundings tout suite (and keep them well away from the cheese fondue until after the race). 

Joking aside Rob in an earlier post understandably expressed some concerns regarding the ‘newness’ of everything for Bed and Sudip upon arrival in la Suisse.  Overall though I think the glass is half full than half empty.  From a race point of view the guys will be running on slightly less tougher terrain than back home and at a lower altitude, which they should take some comfort from.  They will have to quickly acclimatise to running on the tarmac roads but should not let it concern them too much as most of the course isn’t run on roads.  For non race stuff, Davos is a small ski resort up in the mountains of Graubünden so the razzle dazzle pace of the big city isn’t something they’ll have to encounter. In fact, I think it’ll be quite the opposite and a good place to chill the days leading up to the race.        

I myself am getting quite excited and feel very relaxed although a tad undertrained. My long run yesterday on the Saleve was a washout due to the 35c heat.  Running in the heat is my Achilles heel I would say – even slowly.  I managed just 14kms. Yikes.   

I’m not putting any pressure on myself to run a specific time for this race and that’s rather refreshing.  Usually for flatter marathons I eat and sleep thinking about hitting a PR time – often to my detriment.  Anyway, I’ve never done a mountain marathon before so I can’t measure it against anything in terms of time or experience. I was saying to Rob just a couple of weeks ago that if Davos takes me 6.5 hours or longer, then so be it.  For me this is really about getting over the line in one piece (well two at the most), taking in the day and in the knowledge I’ve run to the best of my ability. I think that’s a pretty healthy approach. 

 Happy training guys.



  1. Wise tactics here, Michael. Davos doesn’t seem to be the PR course. I think, I hope that temperatures will be lower on July 31. I managed to do my long run (6 hours) on the only day of the last month that it was below 30c and still felt my head burning near the end. I am trying not to think about the number of hours I will be running in 2.5 weeks. It’s a nice jog in the parc that just got a tiny bit out of hand, yeah?

  2. Yes chaps, just a nice jog in the park, you’ll love it!

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