Posted by: cousinsrj | July 12, 2010

Ooooooh, not long to go now!

Not long to go now....

The countdown clock on the Davos Marathon website says 18 days to go, we’ve booked our flights, got our accommodation in Davos, and tomorrow Bed and Sudip will hopefully be getting their Swiss visas – they were going to travel to Kathmandu today, but heavy rains has caused landslide over the not-too-safe-anyway road…..

It’s made me reflect on these last few months.  How excited Bed and Sudip are for this opportunity.  The sacrifices they’ve made – both have moved away from their friends and families to be at Ramesh’s hostel, and both have such a positive outlook.  ‘I will miss my friends and family, but I will make new friends here’ said Sudip back in April in his own matter of fact way. 

He and Bed have been really helping each other, learning to massage each other, nurturing a very amicable competitive spirit….  talking about their lives and their hopes for Davos and after. 

‘I will run as hard as I can’ Bed promises.  I love the simplicity of what they say about their running.  Talking to a Badeshi (Nepali for a foreigner) Bed and Sudip are very humble, and men of few words.  But when they say something, they really mean it.   I really believe they will make the most of the opportunity they have, that they will do the absolute best they can, and that they are truly appreciative of it. 

Just 18 days to go!


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