Posted by: cousinsrj | July 1, 2010

Two months of training…….

Bed and Sudip's view from Ramesh's hostel

… and Bed and Sudip are doing wonderfully well.  Their massage treatment by Chiran has been spectacular.  Also, they’ve been stretching and strengthening themselves in ways they never knew how.

Both now feel that they can run more freely and comfortably now.  A change they never thought they’d feel as much as they do.  Their hill running and strength training is doing wonders too.

Before I selected them for Davos, Bed and Sudip both worked full time.  Working in Nepal is not an easy task.  It generally takes up most of the daylight hours, and is pretty demanding.  Then the daily chores take up the rest (no dishwasher, washing machine, food needs to be prepared from scratch by hand…).  It’s amazing they found the time to do any exercise at all!

Two months off work and living in Ramesh’s hostel in Pokhara, they have been well looked after.  They have had the time to focus on their training, and it’s really brought home to them how talented they are.  They are really enjoying themselves too, with wonderful camaraderie and banter.

Both feel fitter and stronger, and happy.  This is really important.  I never realized the power of taking these guys into full time training, and the difference it has made to their lives.  It’s made a wonderful difference to how they feel about their running – they enjoy it more, and are even more committed to their training.  It’s now become a focus of their lives.


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