Posted by: timvanderveer | June 28, 2010

Rob’s Ultra Cake

As an experienced marathon man but nothing more than an ultra runner wannabe, I sometimes feel like a virgin. Which is pretty okay (according to good -very- old Madonna). One of the areas that I really have no clue about, is what to eat during these silly long runs. Bananas make me go bananas after a while and Rob has explained me that energy bars are just a fake. So, I managed to squeeze an ultra secret SAS, special forces, Gurkha recept out of Rob, that will keep you fit during every Sahara, Polar or other nutty plan. Promise me to keep this quiet…

1. Here’s what you need: 1 cup of full fat milk, 1 cup of sugar, a hand full of nuts, some raisins, 2 crushed weetabix… WTF? Yeah yeah, weetabix. Don’t forget: SAS = English. Weetabix is more than food, it’s folklore.

2. Mix it up until it looks like…. honey. (Sorry, this is what Rob wrote me.)

3. Put it in the oven, at 160 degrees Celsius for 1 hour and 15 minutes. You could use this time to do some flutters if you like (or drink a beer).

4. And yes, there it is. Knicked from Fort Knox… To be honoust, it’s really much better than it looks like. Yesterday, I did a 20km run in a 30 degrees heath. Nice and slowly. Tried out the cake and although it weighs a ton, it went down smoothly. The real test is of course during a superlong run. This week, 5 or 6 hours… If you would have told me half year ago that I could do that, I wouldn’t have believed it. Hard training, and excellent coaching by Rob!


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