Posted by: Michael Broadley | June 20, 2010

What goes up must come down…..

Hill Training Indeed

A few weeks ago I participated in probably the most gruelling run I’ve done to date – La Dojo Vito (22k) in the Valais region of Switzerland.  It was a real killer…so much so I took a week off from running as my legs were just not having any after the race.  The weird thing is that I found the down hill sections as equally taxing as the ridiculous uphill profile.  Post race my legs were concrete evidence of the fact (no pun intended…:-) as my it was my quads were screaming for the longest.  This got me thinking about my training for the Swiss Alpine Marathon in Davos in terms of ensuring I focus a little more on downhill running.  I think many runners can be a little over obsessed about focusing on only going uphill when training for challenging mountain races.  Of course this in an essential ingredient of the training process but the downhill muscles shouldn’t be neglected.  On my Tuesday night hill reps I’ve been incorporating 110m reps hard – both uphill and downhill too.  I just don’t want to experience what I went through a few weeks ago and know that proper preparation equals prevention generally upstages cure.

This morning I headed back the Saleve in France and did some long circuits at its apex in which I was able to blend sharp uphill sections and fast downhill sections on uneven terrain. Felt good.  It was my second time out in my Saloman Speedcross 2 Trail Running trainers which I’m pretty impressed with.  They provide decent flexibility and are responsive yet give enough stability.  My Asics Gel Moriko’s just feel a tad too stiff and heavy after two months of knocking about the feather weight Newtons and had been looking for a more fluid trail running shoe for a few weeks now.

Heading back to terra firma unexpectedly this Wednesday – time to hit the rolling hills of Staffordshire again.

Happy training lads.


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