Posted by: timvanderveer | June 14, 2010

New Gurkha recruit

Namaste, I am in Nepal, as you can see, running in a run down football stadion, training with the new Gurkha recruits. With 41 years I guess I will not qualify anymore. I did outrace some of the boys (although it would be fair to admit that some of them where carrying baskets with some big stones when running).

We’ve met Bed and Sudip. The first time was at the hotel. Alaude and I were tucked behind a very ugly, fake fire place in the lobby, when all of sudden two supreme athletes entered the room. You can feel a certain calmness and confidence radiating from elite athletes when you are in their presence.

They are also just young boys. Happy like two mad bunnies about their extraordinairy chance to go abroad and maybe even do well. And I personally think that we have to warn the guys and girls in Davos that some small, strange mountain men are coming to haunt them down. I’ve seen what they can do…

Seeing them train is just amazing. This morning we walked up a steep hill. Took us 30 minutes up and 30 minutes down to complete the silly 2 km but the roads were with slippery mud and stones. Afterwards the two them sprinted up and simply flew back in just 15 minutes all together. Specially the way they go downhill is just unbelievable, hardly touching the ground in about 12 km/hour.


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