Posted by: timvanderveer | June 7, 2010


Only a few days more before Alaude and I travel to Nepal. It’s going to be a heartbreak trip. I have trouble sleeping thinking of leaving our two beautiful sons here for a long week. They’re in safe hands with their grandparents but as I read somewhere recently: children have no idea how much their parents love them.

Training in Nepal also will be in many ways a heartbreaker. Temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius, high humidity… Fortunately there are only a few tiny hills which I am well prepared for through running up and down the 300 meter ramp near our house.

Did a 40 kilometer training yesterday morning in about 3.45 hours. Before the sun rose from the sea in Zeeland, I was already crossing the beautiful dunes. After 2 hours a German runner joined me for a while. That was a good excercise for Davos; rehearsing my broken German during a super long run. “Wie lange noch?” “Keine Ahnung, kann uberhaupt nicht mehr denken…”

I have recovered quite smoothly today. A friend has sent me a video of the Boston Marathon in 1930. It reminded me on how tough I found the famous Heartbreak Hill at mile 20. Boy, am I in for a shock in the Himalayas.


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