Posted by: Michael Broadley | June 3, 2010

Project Davos – very good Mr. Bond!

I said I wouldn’t be running two marathons in a calender year anymore, especially in such close proximity to one another.  It turns out I’m a big fat liar.  When cyberspace mate Tim van der Veer contacted me, my runner’s ego couldn’t resist the lure of getting involved in Project Davos.  Who wouldn’t?  The name alone has that James Bond ring to it like we’re all off up into the Swiss mountains to infiltrate the lair of 007’s arch nemesis to stop him conquering earth – you know, the one with more nipples than one cares to mention and that dodgy, hard-to-place European accent.  More importantly, I’m also quietly confident that the Nepalese athletes Sudip and Bed are going to come and kick some serious Western backside.  Looking at their running biographies warrants some proper ‘we are not worthy’ respect, a la Wayne’s World.  I’m looking forward to meeting them, picking up some tips as well as exchanging ideas and running philosophies.  I suspect I will learn a great deal.

At this short notice the 78k beast would be a bit of stretch for yours truly.  Therefore I’ll be doing the 42k ‘fun run’, or rather the ball-breaking, oxygen depleted alpine race, whichever way you want to look at it!  I do tip a very large hat to the Project Davos lads crazy enough to take on the mammoth ultra marathon.  Depending on how the 42k goes this summer, I’ll definitely consider an ultra down the line.  That’s when the misses will know that I’m 100% certifiable and sends for the fellas in the long white coats.

Fortunately, I’ve already been doing a lot of off-road hill training for a couple 20k + races I’ve signed up for this summer around Switzerland.  In fact, I’m lucky enough that the terrain around my house is ideal for it.   It’s actually hard to do anything other than hills here.  Just to get out of house you’ve got to climb – you’re hard pushed to find any long stretches of flat (which was a pain in the arse when training for Rotterdam).  The rub is that I’m only at 400m above sea level so in order to prepare for Davos I’m training every Sunday up in the Saleve in France, which is between 1100-1500m on some challenging terrain – namely trying my utmost to avoid all the cow shit.  I run between 20-25k depending on how I’m feeling on the given day.  In the coming weeks I’ll start to increase my mileage – something closer to 30k.

On Saturday I will be taking part in the gruelling 22k La Vito Dojo mountain race in Vionnaz, Suisse.  I reckon it’ll be a great physical and mental test albeit a baby version of what’s to come on the 31st of July.  Preparation, preparation, preparation. Happy running to one and all.


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