Posted by: timvanderveer | June 3, 2010

Black stockings

Black stockings have a very specific meaning here in the Netherlands. It means that you are part of a quite conservative, protestant church. I’m not, although I can imagine that some people might think that crazy runners like myself sometimes treat the noble art of running as a religion. No, the black stockings are a new trend in running. By holding the leg muscles tightly together, they are supposed to help against injuries and prevent pains. So far, I have to say that they sit comfortably and that I can run up hill very fast with them: today even 15 x 70 sec hill repetitions in a 3.25 minute speed per kilometer. But honoustly, I think that it’s due to very hard training and not to the silly black stockings.

Our project Davos is now facing quite some challenges. Sadly both Jon and Duncan had to abandon the project because of some nasty injuries and lots of work load. Rob has left Nepal because the political situation in Nepal has worsened and his wife has found a good job in Bali. Is this the end of Project Davos?

No, Rob and I, stubborn as we are, are dedicated to complete our mission. Our Nepalese runners will come to Davos and at least I will represent the Western world. I so much hope that Sudip or Bed will do well or even win. That would be just so exciting. And yours truly will just complete this bloody idiot 78K course I hope. I do feel stronger everyday. Done a first ultra training (43KM in 4 hours) and the strength/hill repetitions are really paying out. I actually think that I can do it.

And the best news? We’ve found a new participant in this project: big welcome to Michael Broadley!


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