Posted by: cousinsrj | May 16, 2010

Getting things just right

I don’t speak much Nepali, and my Nepali villagers don’t have a great command of English.  We got on fantastically with hand gestures and laughter.  So how do I get the to understand interval training, rest periods, intensity of training…..

The answer is, I don’t.  That’s a challenge I’m really enjoying here.  Bed and Sudip just can’t get their heads round these ideas.  They just don’t exist in their world.

And in many ways I think it’s a real strength of theirs.  Nobody has told them about how long you can run at certain intensities, or fat to carbohydrate ratios, or recovery periods.  So these ideas don’t limit their abilities.  They’re excellent at keeping on going.

So my job here is really about subtly tweaking what they do, so they can get faster and stronger, and keep their belief in their abilities.

It’s tough for me – what ideas whould I hold on to, and what can I let go of?



  1. This is great stuff. More updates please!

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