Posted by: timvanderveer | April 25, 2010

Let’s talk shoes…

Did all my stretching (in a truly nice British fashion, Rob has given me the gentle message that my body posture sucks ), base conditiong and 24K in 2.15 hours today. Afterwards a bit weary by the sudden heath today, but now back to normal – enjoying the best beer in the world: La Chouffe from Belgium.

My dear friend Vincent joined me for half the run. I took my Vibrams in my backpack so that he could try them and he was hooked instantly. (Have to admit here that I also forced him to read Born to Run…)

So, let’s talk shoes. I have got loads of shoes. For everyday walking -even on the job- I use the Nike Free 3.0 that I bought in Hong Kong; totally addicted to them and I can even do a 15k run on them but that’s not perfect. For races I use the Asics Racers; incredibly direct. And for the rest I have the Asics Kayano, the Nike Structure Triax and the Adidas Sequence. My favorite? The Kayanos. They have been elected for 3 times in a row by  Runner’s World as the best shoes in the world. The Vibrams are fun but I have no time to really explore barefoot running. And, after reading the last Runner’s World feature on barefoot running, I’m not sure if barefoot running is the ultimate thing for me.

My Kayanos are at the end of their glorious life cycle (8 months of intensive use) and I will probably buy a new pair of them. But will I need trail shoes for Nepal and Switzerland? The Inov8 trail shoes look really attractive and some of them are incredibly light. But in contrast to road running shoes, I have got no experience at all with ultra-trail-mud-rock-climb-sneakers and alike. Any ideas? What do our Nepalese friends wear?



  1. Tim, I’m by no means a trail running expert but I do swear by my Asics Gel Moriko when I go off road. I even did a mountain snow run in them and they kept the water out. I like them because they’re rugged yet not too rigid and still feel like a pair of trainers (as opposed to walking boots). They’re reasonably priced too.

    From the sounds of it though you’re looking for something a touch more pliable although not as extreme barefoot. The Newtons are as far as I’ll go down that road 🙂 Veel succes met je jacht. Cheers, Michael

  2. Here the famous Vincent is speaking… Indeed, great to have those Vibram glove shoes. Shoes that give me an approach to the feeling of running on grass barefeet (God I love that). Shoes with just enough support not to be bothered by small rocks on the dirt road. But indeed, as the Runner’s World describes, why separate toes? No real need for them, I think. Anyway, hopefully this is just the beginning of an evolving shoe revolution. Baby steps are taken. Can’t wait for the next step after Vibram and Nike Free.

  3. Hey Jon, have a look at this new shoe from Brooks: The Green Silence…

  4. Got to say, that looks pretty impressive. Still not quite convinced, as I think Brooks still do all their manufacturing out in the old free trade zones, which concerns me – I’ve been looking at New Balance, who have shifted a lot of their manufacturing back to the UK. Agree with you though that we need to be thinking quite hard about footwear for this event; even though I’m getting on well with the Vibrams, I don’t think they provide quite enough underfoot protection if I’m going to be running on rocks etc. Hmm.

  5. Just bought these:

    Comfortable, responsive, light, good but not too big profile. And their sustainability policy also looks pretty good.

    Me happy.

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