Posted by: cousinsrj | April 23, 2010

Running and Nudity

Training is getting underway for the Davos race.  Three and a bit months to go, and now is the time for all the hard work to go in.   Strength is what you need for ultras and for mountains.  And strength is all about technique.

So, Tim, Jon and I are busy echanging half naked images of ourselves half way across the globe.  I wonder if this will bring up some visitors to the site who are looking for something a little more than running…..

Jon bronzing himself on a fresh spring morningRob always look silly half naked



  1. Looking good Jon!

    It’s really interesting how we are exchanging half naked pics considering that we hardly know eachother. We must be seriously motivated.

    Just got my shiny training program and a wonderful instruction manual from Rob. No running?! Only strength and coordination excersises…

    Okay, I am going to trust and listen to my trainer and try to do all that. And do a few long runs along the way, if Rob is alright with that.

    Did a large sports medical check up yesterday. The sports doc was the first person who didn’t even blink with her eyes when I rolled out the nutty plan. More than excellent condition was her conclusion. I will do my very best keep it that way and to maybe even improve a bit…

  2. Rob, ginger people don’t bronze. I had to run inside as soon as the last photo was taken to avoid visible singeing.

    Tim – sounds like you’re in good shape, and well done on another sub-3 Rotterdam. Duncan came home in 2.49 I think – hopefully he’ll be posting soon. Am beginning to feel like I might be the lame duck of this crowd, but hoping the latent strength from years of rowing might come in handy to keep me respectable (and get me to the finish line!)

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