Posted by: Jon Alexander | April 18, 2010

Back in the game…

Right, now we can get started.  New job in place, ribs healed from unfortunate incident with lampost, and knee seemingly holding up to the first few long runs.  And a beautiful day to boot – this is what I’m looking at while I write this, the garden we share with the 6 other flats in our block.  Let’s do it.

I’m dead excited about this project.   I love the idea that we’re going to learn from the way the Nepalese go about their daily life, and how running fits into their culture.   I love the idea of taking some proper time to reflect on why running is so important to me in my life.  And, while I wouldn’t say I’m expecting it to be all fun and games, I’m seriously looking forward to finding out what it feels like to put 78km into your legs in the Swiss Alps. 

Enough for now.  It seems right, on a day when the sun is shining, to get off the computer and out into the world.  Bring it on.



  1. Ribs and knee better? Great news!

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