Posted by: timvanderveer | April 12, 2010

Climbing the Swan

I don’t like getting up early but today was extra tough: legs that won’t listen to the coordinations that I give them, inching pains all over my body and a head that feels like it has been screwed on my shoulders by some idiot who forgot to read the manual first. I felt like a just ran a marathon. And that’s exactly what happened.

The 30th edition of the Rotterdam Marathon was a tough one. A pretty hard, cold wind blew us runners almost off the course, exactly at the point where it gets tougher, between mile 17-22. I tried to stay behind a strong runner from England, but as he didn’t reach very much higher than my waist, that didn’t help a lot. Eventually, I managed to stay on track with my race plan but had to go all the way, digging energy from everywhere in my lean body, to finish the last few miles. 2.59.35 I’m happy.

Tottering back to the changing rooms -which is by far the worst part of any marathon-, trying to hide against the cold wind in a tiny plastic blanket, with the medal around my neck that seems to weigh a ton, I realised that in less than four months I should be running this holy distance twice. I can assure you, not a comforting thought at that particular moment after completing a marathon.

I must have faith. Clinging on to two positives notes today: 1. climbing the Swan, the elegant bridge in Rotterdam, went way easier than last year; 2. the sun shines today.


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